The unconscious contains a map of each person's authentic and heroic journey. We need only to find how to
   unfold and read the map.
                                                                                              - Lauren Z. Schneider

Lauren Z. Schneider
is a gifted dream therapist and visionary pioneer in spiritual psychotherapy.

Her unique approach combines traditional methods with ancient and sacred healing practices to produce a breakthrough process of brief but profoundly effective therapy.

A certified Dream Tender and creator of Tarotpy, her innovative system for using the vibrant imagery of tarot to tap into the power of the unconscious, Lauren ushers clients on their own remarkable journey for guidance, healing and meaningful solutions from within.

In over 20 years of private practice and teaching the path to wholeness, Lauren has served as a compassionate and supportive guide, helping clients to heal trauma, find true self-esteem, resolve conflicts, strengthen relationships and follow their innermost dreams.

Lauren lectures internationally and is a regular presenter with the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). She teaches training therapists at the Maple Center, The Southern California Counseling Center and the Learning Annex, and frequently guest lectures in the Los Angeles area. 

She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from U.C. Berkeley, studied Symbology at the Sorbonne in Paris and completed her training as a Marriage and Family Therapist at the Philips Institute in Los Angeles. She is a trained hypnotherapist and is  certified in Advanced Dream Tending from the Pacifica Graduate Institute.

In her private practice, Lauren counsels individuals, couples and families at her office in Woodland Hills and leads dream and Taropty groups and workshops throughout Southern California.

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...numerous people at The Salon remarked on your explanation of dreams as being the most outstanding, clear and
 sensitive they had ever heard.
   - Carol Soucek King, MA, Ph.D., Founder, the Institute of Philosophy and the Arts

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